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SAP FI-CO Training


FI Module

GL configuration

* Company Code configuration

* Standard Line item text configuration

* Complete GL configuration which includes defining chart of accounts, defining retained earnings account, creation of GL account, deletion of GL account

* Validation & Substitution

* Parallel currencies configuration

* Taxes on Sales Purchase configuration

* GL Automatic clearing configuration

* Foreign currency valuation configuration

* GR/IR Regrouping configuration

* Financial Statement version configuration (Creating Balance sheet and Profit and Loss account)

* FI – MM account determination configuration

* FI – SD account determination configuration

New GL Structure configuration

* Define Ledgers for GL

* Define Currencies for Leading Ledger

* Define and Activate Non-Leading Ledger

* Assign Scenarios and Customer Fields to Ledgers

* Define Ledger Group

* Activate New GL Accounting

* Define Accounting principles and assign to ledger groups

* Define Variants for Real-time integration and assign to company code

* Define document number ranges for GL view (posting only to specific Ledger)

* Define document types for posting only to non leading ledgers

* Configuring document splitting

* Assigning Default profit center to accounts

* Define Worklist for exchange rate entry

* Assign Exchange rate to worklist

* Configuring Assessment and distribution in New GL

* Deactivate update of Classic GL

Cost of Sales Accounting configuration

Cost of Sales accounting needs to be implemented in a manner which makes it more powerful to reconcile the FI and CO module and enable to do a fast close of month end activities.

This functionality needs to be implemented to find out balance on the following:-

* Process/Production orders not settled.

* Networks/WBS not settled

* Internal orders not settled.

* Plant Maintenance orders not settled.

The document also covers how to create a report for cost of sales accounting.

Bank Configuration

* FI – SD account determination configuration

* Define House Banks

* Electronic and Manual Bank statement configuration

* Check Deposit configuration

* Configuring Cash Journal

Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable configuration

* Define Account Groups for Customers and Vendors

* Define Accounting clerk

* Delete Customer and Vendor Master data

* Configuring Payment terms

* Configuring various automatic account determination

* Defining Tolerances

* Configuring Automatic Payment Program

* Special GL configuration for down payments from customer and vendors

* Configuring regrouping of Customers and vendors according to remaining terms of receivables and payables

* Dunning

* Configuring calculation of Interest on arrears

Asset Configuration

* Copying Chart of Depreciation

* Define Asset Classes

* Configuring account determination for Assets (Integration of Asset with GL)

* Deactivate Asset class for Chart of depreciation

* Configuring posting of depreciation

* Configuring the depreciation key

* Configuring asset classes for group assets

* Define/Assign Settlement profile

* Legacy Asset data transfer

Asset Configuration (based on New GL)

With the introduction of New GL structure there is no longer a need

to maintain different GL codes for different depreciation areas. The only

requirement is to maintain for each reporting 2 additional depreciation

areas i.e. one real depreciation area and second derived depreciation

* Configure Depreciation as above

* Assign target ledger group to the respective depreciation areas

* Wizard to set up Parallel Valuation.

Special Purpose Ledger configuration

* Define Table Group

* Maintain Fiscal Year Variant

* Maintain Ledgers

* Maintain Local Posting Periods

* Maintain Actual Versions

* Maintain Valid Document types

* Maintain local number ranges

* Perform Diagnosis

* Entering an FI-SL document

* Define Libraries

* Define Report Painter Reports

CO Module

Cost Center Configuration

* Configuring the Controlling area

* Maintaining versions in Controlling area

* Configuring multiple valuation approaches/ Transfer prices

* Cost element accounting set up

* Reconciliation ledger configuration

* Setting Cost center Hierarchy, cost center master data, activity types

* Cost center planning which includes creating planner profile, creating planning layout

* Configuring various cycles such as Distribution. Assessment, Indirect Activity allocation

* Configuring Splitting structure

* Configuring Automatic account assignment (OKB9)

Profit Center Configuration

* Maintain the profit center settings for Controlling area

* Creation of dummy profit center

* Creation of Standard hierarchy and creation of profit center master

* Configuring the transfer price settings

* Profit center planning configuration

* Configuring Distribution and Assessment cycle

* Configuring the 3KEH table (Balance sheet and profit and loss accounts)

Profitability Analysis Configuration

* Creating Characteristics and value fields

* Configuring the Operating concern

* Copying an Operating concern from an existing operating concern

* Maintain Characteristic values, defining characteristics hierarchy

* Defining Characteristic derivation

* Defining keys for accessing material cost estimate and assigning costing key to characteristics

* Planning configuration

* Maintaining value field groups

* Configuration for value flow from SD to PA

* Configuration for value flow form FI to PA

* Configuration for settlement of Product costing variance to PA

* Creation of Profitability report

* Transporting customizing settings

Product Costing Configuration

* Configuring the Costing sheet for calculating overhead

* Configuring the Cost component structure

* Configuring the costing variant

* Configuration for mixed costing

* Configuration for joint product

* Configuration for Work in Process calculation

* Configuration for Variance calculation

* Configuration for settlement of variance

* Configuration for Product cost by period – product cost collector and setting up of variance calculation and settlement of variance

* Configuration for Product cost by sales order

Actual Costing & Material Ledger Configuration

* Configuring Material Ledger for Plants

* Configuring dynamic price changes

* Defining and assigning the material ledger update structure to plants

* Configuration of Actual costing and activation of actual cost component split

* Production start up activities in Material Ledger

Internal Order Configuration

* Define Order types

* Define Model orders

* Maintain Allocation structure

* Maintain Settlement profile

* Maintain number range for settlement docume


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