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SAP BPC (Business Planning & Consolidation) Course Content

SAP BPC (Business Planning & Consolidation) Course Content

SAP Business Planning & Consolidation


Introduction of BPC

· Introduction sap BPC

· Version MS 5.1/7.0 & NW 7.0/7.5

· Strategy and Road Map

· Modeling aspects in BPC

· Architecture and terminology(MS 5.1/7.0 & NW7.0/7.5)

Application Set Management, Dimension Management & Application Management

· Creating an application set

· Crating dimensions, properties & maintaining members

· Creating application and applying dimensions

Loading Transaction Data from Source Systems

· Architecture of an application

· Explain the tables, optimization options and compression(MS)

· Explaining the info providers, info objects, BPC namespace in BI ver. 7.5

· Loading transaction data using flat file

· Loading transaction data from NW BI info cube

· Creating a transformation file & Conversion file

· Using standard data manager packages

Reporting – I

· Working with BPC for excel for reporting

· Using dynamic report templates

· Developing reports using several cell based EV Functions

· Building reports and input schedules using EVDRE()

Reporting – II

· Creation custom buttons and assigning macros

· Advanced formatting options using properties

· Demonstrate building Income Statements, Balance sheet & Trail Balance reports using EVDRE

· Demonstrate building report reading data from multiple applications using EVDRE

· Administration

· Park n Go

· Custom Menus

· Explaining the planning budgeting forecasting process

· Using packages in Planning

· Define the planning model

· Seeding the plan

· Rolling forward forecast

· Calculations using script logic, Dimension logic & worksheet Logic

· Allocations using script logic and process chains in 7.5

· Comments

· Work status settings


· Security setup

· Task profile

· Member access profile

· Users and teams

Data Manager Packages

· Using standard DM packages

· Customizing standard DM Packages

· Creating DM Packages

· Creating SSIS Packages(MS)

Script Logic

· Introduction

· Dimension Logic

· Worksheet Logic

· Script Logic & Advanced Script Logic

· Business Rules

BPC for Web

· Live Reports

· Content library

· Publishing

· Distribution and collection wizard


· Details of Ownership and Rate Application

· Data Collection and preparation

· Business Rules for Consolidation Task

· Journal Entries and Balance Carry Forward

· Currency Conversion Setup & Script Logic

· Inter-Company Elimination Setup & Script Logic

· Inter-Company Bookings

· Dynamic Hierarchy

· BPF in Consolidation

Audit Reports and System Landscape & Performance Tuning

· BPC Audit

· System landscape and transports

· Performance, BPC Statistics and training

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