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SAP ABAP Webdynpro Training

SAP ABAP Webdynpro Training

o   Introduction to Browser based Applications

o   Introduction to WD ABAP

o   Introduction to WD ABAP and WD JAVA

o   MVC Architecture

o   WD Phase Model & Component Object Model

o   User Interface Elements:

  • Table, Item List Box, Form Template,
  • Input field, RBGI, RGK, DDBK, DDBI,
  • Checkbox group, Business Graphics,
  • Interactive Form UI element,
  • Images – MIME Objects
  • Viewcontainer UI


o   Navigation between views

o   Data transfer b/n views

o   Value Selectors

  • OVS (Object Value Selector)


o   Controllers:

  • View Controller
  • Component Controller
  • Interface Controller
  • Custom Controller
  • Window Controller


o   Mappings:

  • Context Mapping
  • External Context Mapping
  • Internal context mapping
  • Cross component context mapping


o   Windows

  • Popup Windows
  • External Windows
  • Confirmation dialog windows


o   Service Calls

  • RFC’s/BAPI’s
  • Class Methods,
  • Web services


o   Componentization

  • Using multiple components
  • Component Usages


o   Programming Aspects:

  • Understanding wizard based programming
  • Getters and setters
  • Cross Controller Method calls
  • Visibility/Invisibility
  • Enable/Disable
  • Context based Node Programming,
  • Context based attribute Programming,
  • Cross Component Programming
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Creating UI Elements at Runtime
  • Creating Table at Runtime
  • Creating Node/Attributes at Runtime


o   URL parameters

o   Assistance Class

o   Online Text repository (OTR)


o   Handling of Messages:

  • Positioning of Messages
  • Handling of Messages property
  • Categories of Messages and Methods available
  • Text
  • Exception
  • T100


o   ALV Integration Concepts

  • Basic ALV configuration Model (SALV_WD_TABLE)
  • Using Methods & Events of Interface controller
  • Providing Edit, Link to action, Buttons, Progress Indicators
  • Opening Popup windows, confirmation Windows by raising


o   Events



o   Miscellaneous Topics

  • Singleton /Non Singleton Nodes
  • Supply Functions
  • Personalization
  • Internationalization
  • Debugging
  • Component Configuration


o   Portal Integration Concepts  – Theory only

  • System Objects, System Alias, User mapping,
  • Iviews, Pages, Worksets, Roles


  1. rukmini says:

    i want to do webdynpro plz reply

  2. roy says:

    how to join the online training???

  3. logeswari,r says:

    I have finished BE (c.s) in 2011 secured more than 70 percent
    There was no campus interview. Due to financial hardship, I am unable to attend interviews at Chennai or other places.Iwant to study abap r/4 either in regular /or on line
    Kindly help me to find institute at chennai with minimum fees
    Also help to learn on line and its procedure

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    Hello there, this is Kranthi Bheemanadam

    I am from Wininfosys Inc. Currently we are looking to expand our bench consultants on all technologies.

    If you provide only training to the consultants, then both of us are right place.

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    Kranthi Bheemanadam

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    How to join the traiing ?

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