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SAP PI 7.1 Administration

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SAP PI 7.3 Online Training 


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What is SAP XI / PI ?

SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP PI) is SAP’s Enterprise Application Integrations (EAI) software, a component of the NetWeaver product group used to facilitate the exchange of information among a company’s internal software and systems and those of external parties. Before the current version, SAP PI was called SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI). Like other NetWeaver components, SAP PI is compatible with software products of other companies.

SAP calls PI an integration broker because it mediates between entities with varying requirements in terms of connectivity, format, and protocols. According to SAP, PI reduces the TCO by providing a common repository for interfaces. The central component of SAP PI is the SAP Integration Server, which facilitates interaction between diverse operating systems and applications across internal and external networked computer systems.

PI is built upon the SAP Web Application Server.First release of SAP Exchange Infrastructure was XI 2.0. Later on, releases 3.0, 7.0 and 7.1,7.3 followed. From release 7.0 onwards, SAP Exchange Infrastructure has been renamed as SAP Process Integration (SAP PI)7.3.

Who can Learn SAP PI ?

* SAP ABAP Consultants, SAP MDM Consultants
* Any SAP Technical Professional
* Experienced in any Middleware Integration Components
Course Details

SAP XI/PI Course Curriculum:

I.Introduction to SAP NetWeaver Technology

Building Blocks of SAP Netweaver
Web AS Architecture.

II.Introduction to SAP Exchange Infrastructure

Process Integration with SAP XI 3.0 (PI 7.3)
Architecture of SAP XI 3.0 (PI 7.3)

III.System Landscape Directory

Architecture of SLD
Describing Technical Systems & Business Systems
Landscapes and Software catalog

IV.Integration Repository:

Introduction to Integration Repository
Organization of Design Objects in IR
Creating Repository’ Objects.
Data types
Message types
Message Interfaces
Mapping Objects
Mapping Templates etc..
Importing RFC & IDOC Interfaces
Developing” with Imported Interface Objects
Message types across components


Mapping Programs in SAP XI 3.0 PI7.3[skype-status skype_id=”sapnwtraining”] (PI 7.3)
Java Mapping
XSLT Mapping
ABAP Mapping (Concepts)
Message Mapping
Mapping Functions
User Defined Functions
Multi Mapping

VI.Integration Directory:

Introduction to Integration Directory
Describing Systems and Services
Configuring Internal Company Process
Configuring Cross-Company Process
Configuring Communication channels
Logical Routing and Technical Routing
Transports between the Test and Productive Landscape


Introduction to Integration Server
Processing Steps of Integration Engine
Proxy Runtime
Using Runtime Workbench
Message Monitoring
Component Monitoring
End-to-End Monitoring

VIII.Integration Process (ccBPM):

Introduction to Integration Process
Arch. of ccBPM
Designing Integration Process
Controlling the process flow
Time control and Exception Handling
Message Bundling
Sync/Async. Communications
Configuring Integration Process
Monitoring the execution of integration Process


Adapter Framework, Adapter Engine and ADK
File Adapter
JDBC Adapter
RFC Adapter
IDOC Adapter
Plain HTTP Adapter
SOAP Adapter
XI Adapter
Overview Of other Adapters


File 2 File
FCC 2 File
FIle 2 Fcc
File 2 Jdbc
Jdbc 2 File
Jdbc 2 Jdbc
File 2 idoc
Idoc 2 File
File 2 mail
Mail 2 File
File 2 Rfc
Soap 2 RFC
http 2 rfc
File 2 Fil e(BPM)
Merging (1:n) BPM
Spliting (n:1) BPM

Proxy Scenarios
and some other related scenarios

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