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Week 1
  • Introduction to Data Warehousing
  • Multidimensional Modeling
  • BW Architecture
  • Extended Star Schema
  • Introduction to BW Objects and Administrative Work Bench
  • Introduction to Characteristics and Key Figures
  • Texts Attributes Hierarchies for Master Data
  • Data Flow in BW( Info sources/Data Source)
  • Introduction to different Info Providers ( Cubes/ODS etc)
  • Loading Data to a Data Target through flat files
  • Meta data repository.
Week 2
  • Extraction of data from R/3 system
  • Concept of Delta Queue
  • Introduction to different Delta Types in R/3
  • Debugging Extraction and Concept of Data Source in R.3
  • Extraction using Generic Extraction (Table/View/Info set/ FM)
  • Extraction from FI(GL/AP)
  • Extraction of COPA Data
  • Logistics Data Extraction (SD/MM)
  • Extraction Performance Tuning Techniques
  • BW Customization
Week 3
  • Introduction to Business Explorer
  • Understanding Bex Browser, Bex Query Designer, Bex Web Application Server
  • Advance Reporting/Web Reporting Techniques
  • Introduction to Reporting Agent (Precalculation)
  • Overview of Reporting Authorization Objects and their Usage in Security
  • Performance Techniques for queries by using Aggregates. OLAP cache
  • Debugging queries using RSRT Tcode
  • Open HUB
Week 4
  • Introduction to Multi providers , Info set and Master Data Reporting
  • Introduction to Process Chains for optimal data load scheduling
  • Overview and Introduction of Metadata Repository
  • Business Content usage and Object Version
  • Introduction to the concept of delta for data loading process
  • Transport Methodology
  • Performance tuning( Aggregates , Compression etc)
  • Real time scenarios.
At the end of the course you will get good expertise in below areas:
  • Data modeling.
  • Extraction techniques and creating data targets.
  • BEx reporting
  • Data scheduling with Process chains
  • Performance tuning


  1. Ravi says:

    I like to know more about this BW trng. I am interested
    to take this and MDM training.


  2. neha says:

    It is an online training but why I can see only the BW COURSE CURRICULUM

  3. admin says:

    Hi in the right side of the website you can find other sap course details . still if you have any question contact me

  4. aolagbegi says:

    How do i go about with the bi sap course, in short how do i start and get the matrial

  5. pavan says:

    i finished my mca, i am poor in programming but wanted to so SAP so please suggest which is best course ABAP or BI, and after completion ABAP we can join BI or ABAP is enough

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