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November 9th, 2019:

SAP PO 7.5 Online Training

Course contents of SAP PO Training+ PI 7.4 Single Stack (JAVA)
Introduction to SAP NetWeaver Technology

1. Building Blocks of SAP NetWeaver 7.4

  1. Web AS Architecture.Introduction to SAP Process Integration1. features of Process Integration SAP PI 7.4
  2. Architecture of SAP PI 7.4System Landscape Directory1. As a part of SAP PO Training will discuss Architecture of SLD
  3. Describing Technical Systems & Business Systems
  4. Landscapes, Product, Software componentIntegration Repository1. Introduction to Integration Repository
  5. Organization of Design Objects in IR
  6. Creating Repository’ Objects.
  7. Data types
  8. Message types
  9. Service Interfaces
  10. Mapping Objects
  11. External Definition
  12. Context handling
  13. Mapping Templates etc.
  14. Developing” with Imported Interface Objects
  15. Overview of Proxy developmentMappings1. In SAP PO Training you will be providing with brief overview on Mapping
  16. Mapping Programs in SAP PI 7.4
  17. Java Mapping
  18. XSLT Mapping
  19. ABAP Mapping (Concepts)
  20. Node functions
  21. User Defined Functions
  22. Multi MappingIntegration Directory1. Introduction to Integration Directory
  23. Describing Systems and Services
  24. Configuring Internal Company Process
  25. Configuring Cross-Company Process
  26. Configuring Communication channels
  27. Logical Routing and Technical Routing
  28. Transports between the Test and Productive Landscape
  29. Integrated configuration
  30. As a part of SAP PO Training will discuss Architecture of AEXRuntime
  31. Introduction to Central Adaptor Engine
  32. Configuration and Monitoring
  33. Message Monitoring
  34. Component Monitoring
    5.Concepts Of End-to-End Monitoring you will learn in SAP PO TrainingAdapters1. Adapter Framework, Adapter Engine and ADK
  35. File Adapter
  36. JDBC Adapter
  37. RFC Adapter
  38. IDOC_AAE Adapter
  39. HTTP_AAE Adapter
  40. SOAP Adapter
  41. XI Adapter over the SOAP
    Overview of other AdaptersSAP PO Training we will cover Scenarios as follows1. File 2 File
  42. FCC 2 File
  43. FIle 2 Fcc
  44. FCC 2 FCC
  45. File 2 Jdbc
  46. Jdbc 2 File
  47. Jdbc 2 Jdbc
  48. File 2 idoc
  49. Idoc 2 File
  50. File 2 mail
  51. Mail 2 File
  52. File 2 Rfc
  53. Soap 2 RFC
  54. http 2 rfc
  55. File 2 Fil e(BPM)
  56. Merging (1:n) BPM
  57. Spliting (n:1) BPM
  58. Proxy Scenarios will be discussed in detail – SAP PO Training
  59. And some other related scenarios
  60. In SAP PO Training -Introduction to SAP PO

• What is Process Orchestration
• Overview of Business Process Management (BPM)
• Overview of Rules Management (BRM)
• Overview and architecture of Advanced Adapter Engine Extended (AEX) – SAP PO Training
• Developing BPM with BRM and AEX
• Compare PI7.4 Dual Stack and PO 7.4
• Compare AAE &AEX

  1. Business Process Overview and Development
    • Configuring NWDS Development Tools
    • Designing BPMN in NWDS
    • Outlining Business Processes
    • Creating Products
    • Functions used to design the BPMN
  2. A BPMN Process
    • Outlining the Roles and Authorizations of a BPMN Process
    • Importing Objects
    • Detail of Start and End Events for the SAP PO Training Process
    • Handling Service Interfaces
    • Explaining Automated Activities for the PO Process
    • Adding Activities to a Business Process
    • Calling a Web Service from an Automated Activity
  3. IFlows Development
    • Defining Process Context
    • Explaining Data Objects
    • Creating Data Mappings
    • Explaining Gateways
    • Applying Data Transformations by Using Functions
    • Outlining Notification Activities for PO
    • Configuring and Using Reporting Activities for PO
  4. Deployment and Testing Process
    • Building and Deploying a PO Process
    • Explaining the Configuration of a PO Process
    • Explaining Testing and Monitoring of a SAP PO Training Process
  5. The Delivery Process
    • Explaining Data Flow Modeling in detail as a part of SAP PO Training
    • Explaining Business Rules Management
    • Creating Rules with Rules Composer
    • Managing Business Rules with Rules Manager
  6. Connectivity with the Advanced Adapter Engine Extended (AEX)
    • Configuring Scenarios in the ESR Browser
    • Explaining the Communication between the BPM and AEX
    • Explaining the SAP Process Integration Designer
    • Monitoring with Process Integration Monitoring (PIMON)
  7. Configuration Tasks and Extensions
    • Explaining Special Configuration Tasks in SAP NetWeaver Administrator (NWA)
    • Monitoring the Health State of the Application
    • Explaining SAP Operational Process Intelligence

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