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August, 2010:

SAP Treasury Training

SAP Treasury Training


  1. Electronic Bank Statement & Manual Bank statement

a)      Account symbols

b)      Posting rules

c)      External transaction types

d)     Business transactions

e)      Variants

  1. Check Deposit

a)      Posting Keys and Posting Rules

b)      Account symbol

  1. Cash concentration
    1. Groupings
    2. Cash management account names
    3. Planning types
    4. Scaling
  2. Cash journal
  3. Interest calculations
  4. Liquidity analysis
  5. Cash Management Records Manually
  6. Creating Payment Orders for the Banks
  7. Manual Check Deposits

10.  Basic Functions of Business Partner

11.   Define BP Roles

12.   Define Number Ranges, Define Groupings and Assign Number Ranges

13.  Maintain Industry Systems and Industries

14.   Market Data Management .

15.  Check Exchange Ratios for Currency Translation

16.   Define Reference Interest Rate

17.   Define Yield Curve Type

18.   Transaction Manager– General Settings

19.   Define Portfolio

20.   Define Traders

21.   Define User Data

22.   Transaction Management, Define Field Selection

23.   Assign Calendar

24.  Define Leading Currency

25.   Authorization Management

26.   Define Authorization Group for Transactions

27.   Payment Management

28.   Define Number Ranges for Payment Requests

29.   Define Payment Blocking Indicators for Accounting Documents

30.   Define Clearing Account for Payment Requests

31.   Define Factory Calendar per Currency

32.   Accounting

  1. Define Reasons for Reversal
  2. Define Valuation Areas
  3. Define Accounting Codes
  4. Assign Accounting Codes and Valuation Areas
  5. Initialization of Parallel Valuation Area
  6. Define and Assign Valuation Classes
  7. Define and Assign Differentiations
  8. Assign Consumption Sequence Procedure
  9. Set the Effects of the Update Types on the Position Components
  10. Define Amortization Procedure.
  11. Define One-Step Price Valuation Procedure
  12. Define Security Valuation Procedure.

33.  Foreign Exchange

  1. Define Product Types
  2. Define Transaction Types
  3. Assign Forex Attributes
  4. Define Flow Types
  5. Assign Flow Types to Transaction Type
  6. Define Update Types and Assign Usages
  7. Assign Flow Types to Update Types
  8. Assign Update Types for Position Update
    1. Define Correspondence Types
    2. Define Correspondence Activities
    3. Assign General Valuation Class