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SAP NW Training  – SAP PI 7.5 Online Training  SAP PI 7.3 Online Training  | SAP PI Support. / SAP PO 7.5 Development Support Rotating Header Image

January, 2010:



Introduction to SAP NetWeaver Technology

* Building Blocks of SAP NetWeaver
* Web AS Architecture

Introduction to SAP Exchange Infrastructure

* Process Integration with SAP XI 3.0 (XI 7.0)
* Architecture of SAP XI 3.0 (XI 7.0)

System Landscape Directory

* Architecture of SLD
* Describing Technical Systems & Business Systems
* Landscapes and Software catalog

Designing Collaborative Process:

* Introduction to Integration Repository
* Organization of Design Objects in IR
* Creating Repository’ Objects.
o Data types
o Message types
o Message Interfaces
o Mapping Objects
o Mapping Templates etc..
o Importing RFC & IDOC Interfaces
o Developing” with Imported Interface Objects
o Message types across components


* Overview
* Mapping Programs in SAP XI 3.0 (XI 7.0)
* Java Mapping
* XSLT Mapping
* ABAP Mapping (Concepts)
o Message Mapping
o Mapping Functions
o User Defined Functions
o Multi Mapping


* Introduction to Integration Directory
* Describing Systems and Services
* Configuring Internal Company Process
* Configuring Cross-Company Process
* Configuring Communication channels
* Logical Routing and Technical Routing
* Transports between the Test and Productive Landscape


* Introduction to Integration Server
* Processing Steps of Integration Engine
* Proxy Runtime
* Using Runtime Workbench
o Message Monitoring
o Component Monitoring
o End-to-End Monitoring

Integration Process (ccBPM):

* Introduction to Integration Process
* Arch. of ccBPM
* Designing Integration Process
* Controlling the process flow
* Time control and Exception Handling
* Message Bundling
* Sync/Async. Communications
* Configuring Integration Process
* Monitoring the execution of integration Process


* Adapter Framework, Adapter Engine and ADK
* File Adapter
* JDBC Adapter
* RFC Adapter
* IDOC Adapter
* Plain HTTP Adapter
* SOAP Adapter
* XI Adapter
* Overview Of other Adapters


1.File 2 File
2.FCC 2 File
3.FIle 2 Fcc
5.File 2 Jdbc
6.Jdbc 2 File
7.Jdbc 2 Jdbc
8.File 2 idoc
9.Idoc 2 File
10.File 2 mail
11.Mail 2 File
12 File 2 Rfc
13.Soap 2 RFC
14.http 2 rfc
15.File 2 Fil e(BPM)
16.Merging (1:n) BPM
17.Spliting (n:1) BPM
and some other related scenarios

SAP PI Administration

1.Installation and Posts installation (Documents discussion )
2.SLD Designing and Importing and exporting of SLD Objects
3.Landscape moving from DEV to QA to PRD
4.Importing the Integration Repository Objects
5.Importing the Integration Directory Objects