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SAP BPC (Business Planning & Consolidation) Course Content

SAP BPC (Business Planning & Consolidation) Course Content

SAP Business Planning & Consolidation


Introduction of BPC

· Introduction sap BPC

· Version MS 5.1/7.0 & NW 7.0/7.5

· Strategy and Road Map

· Modeling aspects in BPC

· Architecture and terminology(MS 5.1/7.0 & NW7.0/7.5)

Application Set Management, Dimension Management & Application Management

· Creating an application set

· Crating dimensions, properties & maintaining members

· Creating application and applying dimensions

Loading Transaction Data from Source Systems

· Architecture of an application

· Explain the tables, optimization options and compression(MS)

· Explaining the info providers, info objects, BPC namespace in BI ver. 7.5

· Loading transaction data using flat file

· Loading transaction data from NW BI info cube

· Creating a transformation file & Conversion file

· Using standard data manager packages

Reporting – I

· Working with BPC for excel for reporting

· Using dynamic report templates

· Developing reports using several cell based EV Functions

· Building reports and input schedules using EVDRE()

Reporting – II

· Creation custom buttons and assigning macros

· Advanced formatting options using properties

· Demonstrate building Income Statements, Balance sheet & Trail Balance reports using EVDRE

· Demonstrate building report reading data from multiple applications using EVDRE

· Administration

· Park n Go

· Custom Menus

· Explaining the planning budgeting forecasting process

· Using packages in Planning

· Define the planning model

· Seeding the plan

· Rolling forward forecast

· Calculations using script logic, Dimension logic & worksheet Logic

· Allocations using script logic and process chains in 7.5

· Comments

· Work status settings


· Security setup

· Task profile

· Member access profile

· Users and teams

Data Manager Packages

· Using standard DM packages

· Customizing standard DM Packages

· Creating DM Packages

· Creating SSIS Packages(MS)

Script Logic

· Introduction

· Dimension Logic

· Worksheet Logic

· Script Logic & Advanced Script Logic

· Business Rules

BPC for Web

· Live Reports

· Content library

· Publishing

· Distribution and collection wizard


· Details of Ownership and Rate Application

· Data Collection and preparation

· Business Rules for Consolidation Task

· Journal Entries and Balance Carry Forward

· Currency Conversion Setup & Script Logic

· Inter-Company Elimination Setup & Script Logic

· Inter-Company Bookings

· Dynamic Hierarchy

· BPF in Consolidation

Audit Reports and System Landscape & Performance Tuning

· BPC Audit

· System landscape and transports

· Performance, BPC Statistics and training

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    1. Steven says:


      I am Steven, Interested in BPC online training, could you please let meknow the length of this training, course fees and experience of the trainer.



    2. Alexandre says:


      I am interested in the SAP BPC Class.

      I want to know How much?
      during of the course.
      I will have access in the NW BPC enviroment

    3. Surender Miryala says:

      am intrest to learn SAP-BPC
      can u give me the details abt,
      what for we use BPC

    4. RAMREDDY says:

      Interested to learn SAP BPC immediately. Pl let me know Fee & Course schedules etc..


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      I am interested in BPC training , please let us know the details.

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      I am interested for sap bpc training. can you please let me know the duration and fee details.

    11. Chris says:

      Interested in SAP BPC training. Please send details
      Trainer Credentials

    12. Ashok says:


      Could ypu please let me know your address as I wish to get trained on BPC. I am an SAP FICO Consultant.


    13. Bharati says:

      I am interested in having online BPC training . Could you please send me the details?

    14. venkat says:

      I am looking for offline classes on SAP BPC in hyderabad. please reach me on 8008888918 end of the day

    15. Rebecca says:

      I’m also interested in BPC online training. Could you please provide more details? Thanks.

    16. Greg says:

      SAP BPC Online Training:
      Offline Availability


    17. Brandy says:

      Please late me know the upcoming dates, locations and costs for BPC 7.0 MS training.

    18. arjun says:

      Iam interested to learn BPC online can you plz provide me the details

    19. venkat says:

      I am interested in training. Can you please send the details about this course schedule , fees and trainer’s experience

    20. Srini says:

      I would like to know schedule and fees for BPC course

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      I am interested in sap bpc please let me know the details of fees and timings thanks Ram

    22. sai krishna says:

      I am interested to take online training. can you please send the details and Demo dates.

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      iam interested to learn SAP BPC .can you send me the courses schedule, cost and how to be certified.


    24. Raj says:

      Same question like other has, like cost, duration etc.

    25. Tan says:

      Interested in BPC online training. Sent me the details please

    26. GopiKrishna says:

      Hi Guys,

      How are you all.We are providing SAP BPC online trainging and Fast Track (weeknd batches) by real time expert.Need any information please contact.


    27. rakesh says:

      hi this is rakesh i’m intrested in learning sap bpc can please tell me if any weekend batches are available at present. my email id my number 7386973571

    28. Nairunni says:

      Please advise me the details of bpc course – like duration, course fee, system access, etc.,

    29. kishore says:

      I am kishore, i am interested to take online coaching for BPC
      7.5 Pleas let me know the details


    30. thirupathi says:

      am interested in going for sap bpc course can you please tell the duration and course content, fee structure

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      I am interested to do SAP BPC course,
      can you please send the details of the course and the importance for career development and job opportunities.


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      Hi ,

      I would like to learn SAP BPC.Can you please give me the Course Details and Duration of the course.

    37. SAK says:

      I want to take up trainings in the following domains:

      1. SAP BPC
      2. SAP APO

      Please give me the details of the training (duration, fee, method of delivery, trainer, timing). Please also let me know about the tentative schedule of the trainings.

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